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Fear of Grace

I get a ton of grief for “The Outlaw Preacher” and most of it from people who don’t want to understand grace.  I hear stuff like, “How can you be both an outlaw and a preacher, you’re either one or the other,” and stuff like that.  First of all,  I am not “The Outlaw Preacher”  it is the title of a Christian book series.  It’s also a Facebook page under the same name which exists to promote the book and provide enlightening preaching from the gospel.  It’s all about Jesus Christ and what He’s done for us.

I have come to believe that many, if not most Christians are afraid of grace.  I’m crazy?  Not so fast, how many times have you heard of “cheap grace” or “you think you have a license to sin” with your message of grace.  I’ve heard it too many times.  No matter that the Bible says in a hundred places that Jesus died once for all and that the New Covenant has replaced the Old because it’s better than the Old but too many people can’t handle the fact that we’re not under a law they could never obey.

If the Spirit of God resides in you and you have the mind of Christ, both Biblical concepts, why would we need a list of “thou shalt nots?” If, watch out, here’s another Biblical principal here, “It is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me,” then what are we afraid of?  I think I know!  We don’t really believe any of this stuff.  Well guess what?  We can’t have it both ways.  If you are guilty of breaking one law you’re guilty of breaking them all.  There’s that pesky Bible again!

So….if we’re guilty of all by breaking one, we don’t get to pick and choose our favorite laws!  It’s one and done if you want to live by the law.  The wages of sin is death, not the best 3 out of 5!    Either we joyfully embrace and accept “It is finished” or we try to earn our way to heaven by our own self righteousness.  Not a tough choice for me.  Thank you Jesus!!

The Miracle….paperback version

Hello again,

The paperback version of The Outlaw Preacher-The Miracle is available NOW!  Click on the above link and when you purchase from this site I will personalize and sign each copy.  It’s available on as well but I won’t be able to sign the amazon books as they come straight from the publisher.    I appreciate the fact that many readers still prefer to hold the book while reading.  I must confess, I prefer a book in my hand to the e-reader in spite of the incredible convenience of being able to carry hundreds of books on the plane with my Kindle Fire!

If you like The Outlaw Preacher books, please tell your friends as word of mouth advertising is still king in spite of all the fancy marketing avenues available today.  Thanks again and may God bless you!


THE MIRACLE is published!

Great News!  Book 2 in the series, The Outlaw Preacher-The Miracle is available on Amazon now!  The Outlaw Preacher rides again, get ready to roll on a wild evangelical ride with plenty of twists and turns on the way.  CLICK ABOVE LINK to purchase book 2 from Amazon right here and now.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Already receiving GREAT reviews on the book.  I must tell you that it’s humbling and thrilling to read that people love the books.  As this is my first foray into published writing, I am excited to reach the masses with the message of God’s grace through action packed stories.  Thank you for taking time from your lives to read and comment on these books.  It means a lot to me.

In His service,


Free Chapters

 I am honored that you’ve chosen to spend some time here at  Please feel FREE to check out the FREE chapters of the first book.  Click the links above for free chapters 1-9 so far.

My evil plan is to get you hooked on the story so that you’ll pony up the four or five bucks for the Kindle version or go big and buy the paperback from or from this site.

If you choose to purchase a paperback from this site just click the link above and please indicate in the comment section how you’d like the personalized message to read.  I will sign the book and address it personally inside the cover.  It makes a great gift, kinda different but pretty cool.  $14.95, FREE SHIPPING!

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Write your own

I believe that we all have at least one novel inside of us.  I waited 54 years to write my first book and within three months I’ve written my second.  If God allows, I’ll write another one. And then another.

I’m convinced we all need a purpose, one which burns inside deeply.  The one which on occasion keeps us up at night, or maybe wakes us in the middle of the night.  Somewhere next to the “what’s it all about?” question in our spirits.  3 AM is my usual rendezvous time with my worst enemy, my brain.

That’s what finally drove me to the keyboard.  I’m known as a person with an opinion and for thirty plus years it was an opinion born of error.  I was lost but I had a big enough mouth and ego that I could pull it off and hide behind the facade I’d built to negotiate social interaction without actual involvement.  You know who you are but you aren’t about to let anyone in on that identity.  You who are reading this, if you’ve read this far, know what I’m talking about.

When I came to faith in Jesus Christ, I had exhausted all other avenues of worldly pursuit for identity and peace.  And purpose.  As Jimmy Buffet wrote, “I made enough money to buy Miami but I pissed it away so fast.”  I didnt make that much but what I managed to earn  I burned.  I came first.  Always.  I had extraordinary children and a wonderful wife but I came first.  Oh everyone ate and had birthday presents and a home in which to live but I still managed to drink first and live and give on the remainder.

Oh that I could have those days back.  God has shown me that He will redeem the lost years, He has been more than merciful.  As I tell my brothers, sin has consequences even though we’re so far forgiven that God won’t even remember our transgressions.  The enemy reminds us just what garbage we are.  Or were.  It matters not, the damage has been done.  If it weren’t for the mercy and grace of our Lord, I’d be dead at my own hand by now.  Slow, seemingly unintentional suicide.  Alcoholism, drug addiction, anything to escape the pain and exposure of reality.  I know now that this is from the pit of hell and that the living Christ can pull us from that mire and put us on solid ground which will never move.  Never.

My only goal with The Outlaw Preacher was to reach the lost for Christ.  I thought, and still think that conversational evangelism within a well told story will reach millions of people who otherwise would never listen to a preacher.  My life is a sermon, my life is a movie, one where you watch and cringe when you see me heading straight into some stupid situation and you scream at the screen but I don’t hear you.  Not anymore.  I’m not going there anymore, I’m walking slower with my head down like Caine in the old TV show Kung Fu.  A wise man walks with his head down, humble like the dust.  Life kicks your butt and if you live through it, you should emerge humble and wise.  The Bible says that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.  Welcome to wisdom.

We all have a story to tell.  Change the names to protect the innocent.  Or the guilty.  Write it down.  Start today.  You can start a blog, a website, a book, a journal, anything.  Just start and write something every day.  After a month of writing something, anything every day, you’ll look at your story and realize, as I did, that if you do it again next month and the next, you’ll have a book in no time.

Let me know when you’re finished.  I’d love to read it.