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Free Chapters

 I am honored that you’ve chosen to spend some time here at  Please feel FREE to check out the FREE chapters of the first book.  Click the links above for free chapters 1-9 so far.

My evil plan is to get you hooked on the story so that you’ll pony up the four or five bucks for the Kindle version or go big and buy the paperback from or from this site.

If you choose to purchase a paperback from this site just click the link above and please indicate in the comment section how you’d like the personalized message to read.  I will sign the book and address it personally inside the cover.  It makes a great gift, kinda different but pretty cool.  $14.95, FREE SHIPPING!

Thanks again,



Gil Stevenson

I’ve been a Christian for most of my life. I’m actually a PK. (Preacher’s Kid). Unlike many PKs I’ve never strayed too far from the path.
But your book reached me in a way that few sermons have. It made real the concept of living a “life as a sermon”. I was drawn in completely, and I’ve recommended it to any of my friends, and a few people I don’t even like. LOL
I’m about to read it again, and I may try to read it a few times every year to remind me to live my own life as a sermon.
Thank you, and PLEASE, PLEASE keep on bringing stories like this.


You made my day! Thank you for the kind words, I’m very glad you liked the book. The second book is at the editor’s desk as we speak, it should be ready in a couple of weeks.

Mike Francis

John …
Bro, you are a piece of work … and so are these books! You have managed to change the life of this old Cradle Catholic … again. Amazing books … amazing story. Especially moving for me for a couple of reasons. I’d sure like to talk to you again, so do give a brother a call when you have some time on your hands.


ha, you made my day! Will call you soon. Can’t wait to hear what you think.

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