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Purchase The Books

Big surprise, I want you to buy these books.  I think you’ll like them.  These books are designed to fill a gaping void in the Christian fiction genre.  It’s called reality evangelism.  My characters are real, not flesh and blood real although a few of these cats are based on some very cool real people, but real characters.  You know, like you and me real?

The biggest challenge any of us have is to remember that we are bought with a huge price and our redeemer has asked us to “tell people about him.”  We share movies and books and restaurants with friends but not our Savior?  Really?

Dig in, relish the craziness and enjoy the challenges these characters face and then together let’s shake this place up!



Can’t wait for it to be released on Kindle!


So glad you like it. I think book two is pretty crazy myself, lots of action.

Luis Montes

Loved the first two books. As I read them, I wondered, are they about you? Me? They just feel a little convicting. You know like some of the sermons from the pulpit. I can hardly wait for the third one to come out. God Bless.


Thanks Luis, I hope they are about all of us. My goal is to illustrate through story how we stumble through life in our bodies of flesh. We love the Lord, we want to do what He wants us to do, like Paul who also struggled mightily against his flesh. It’s an attempt to get people thinking about how much we are loved by God. I hope the books strengthen believers and wake up the lost. Your support is most appreciated bro, I appreciate your feedback.


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