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The Miracle….paperback version

Hello again,

The paperback version of The Outlaw Preacher-The Miracle is available NOW!  Click on the above link and when you purchase from this site I will personalize and sign each copy.  It’s available on as well but I won’t be able to sign the amazon books as they come straight from the publisher.    I appreciate the fact that many readers still prefer to hold the book while reading.  I must confess, I prefer a book in my hand to the e-reader in spite of the incredible convenience of being able to carry hundreds of books on the plane with my Kindle Fire!

If you like The Outlaw Preacher books, please tell your friends as word of mouth advertising is still king in spite of all the fancy marketing avenues available today.  Thanks again and may God bless you!




I Absolutely Loved all three of the Outlaw Preacher series. I hope that you will write more to the series.


I’m working on book four, looks like it’s gonna take a while yet. I’m very happy to hear that you liked the books! Thank you.

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